My Obsessions

My Obsessions

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So here’s the thing, I don’t really have hobbies as such. I used to when I was younger and then they kind of fizzled out. But what I have noticed about myself is that I do have short-term interests which I get VERY into for a little while and then I move on to something different.

As an experiment, and to help me remember some of the things I’ve done, I thought I’d collate these ‘obsessions’ into running lists. Maybe I’ll review that later down the line. Maybe I won’t. Maybe this will be a bit like my newsletter experiment which lasted all of two issues!

Anyways, here’s the lists:

  • Ramen Reviews: a New Years Resolution in 2016 has now become a habit. Eat ramen. Write about Ramen.
  • 2020 Obsessions: it was such a strange year in very many ways, but these are the people and things that got me through it. I thought it might also be helpful in a self-care kind of way for anyone who shares similar interests.
  • 2021 Obsessions: as it’s only 1 January as I’m writing this, the list is rather empty at the moment!