Disaster Tours

Disaster Tours

Disease, disaster and destruction have played a big part in shaping modern London over the last 2000 years. Some of these incidents have left lasting scars which many people walk past on a daily basis.

Join me on interesting and engaging 2 hour walking tours of some of the key historical sites. We’ll explore how London has coped, responded and recovered from a wide range of emergencies.

No two tours are identical, taking account of your interests and London’s changeable weather, but you can expect tours to cover incidents such as

  • Large Fires
  • Boat crashes
  • Building Collapses
  • Terrorism and
  • Train crashes

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All of the sites visited on the tour are sensitive given their nature. I do not exploit these tragic events but look to facilitate an educational experience and promote individual and community preparedness. No tours visit or impact on live emergency responses. Tours are free, but donations are suggested and are donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee. Furthermore, if  you wish to contribute to memorial funds directly advice can be provided on the most relevant official channels