Disaster Tours

Disaster Tours

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London has been shaped by disaster, disease and destruction.

Over the last 2000 years incidents have left lasting physical scars, some more obvious than others.

I can facilitate bespoke walking tours of the key historical disaster sites. Exploring the risks London faces, how London has coped, and how there is much we can learn from historical disasters.

All tours are 100% free (donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee or London Emergencies Trust are encouraged).

No two tours are the same and each is tailored to your specific needs and interests:


  • Want to focus on maritime emergencies? No problem – we’ll talk about the Princess Alice and Marcioness.


  • Want to hear more about London’s forgotten disasters?  You’ve got it, prepare to be wowed with tales of Colney Hatch, Denmark Street and the Battersea Big Dipper.


  • Got a particular interest in Early Modern history? We can take a look at the evidence of plague and fire


Get in touch to book your tour.


All of the sites visited on the tour are sensitive given their nature. I do not exploit these tragic events but look to facilitate an educational experience and promote individual and community preparedness. No tours visit or impact on live emergency responses. Tours are free, but donations are suggested and are donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee. Furthermore, if  you wish to contribute to memorial funds directly advice can be provided on the most relevant official channels