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So here’s the thing, I don’t have hobbies as such. I used to when I was younger and then they kind of fizzled out. What I have noticed about myself is that I do have short-term interests which I get VERY into for a little while and then I move on to something different.

To help me remember some of the things I’ve done, and to share what piques my interest, I’ve collated these ‘obsessions’ into annual lists.

Anyway, here’s the lists:

  • 2020 Obsessions: it was such a strange year in very many ways, but these are the people and things that got me through it. I thought it might also be helpful in a self-care kind of way for anyone who shares similar interests.
  • 2021 Obsessions:
  • 2022 Obsessions: 
  • 2023 Obsessions: 
  • 2024 Obsessions: