30 Days 30 Ways – Day 5

30 Days 30 Ways – Day 5

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Today’s challenges are going to take a bit of creativity given that I’m currently not at home, bear with me if I’ve taken a flexible approach to the rules!

UK Challenge 5 – Smoke Alarms Save Lives 

Two of my housemates routinely send panicky messages to our WhatsApp group about hair straighteners which may have been left on. Fortunately they never have been to date, but I completely understand why fire risk in private rented accommodation is above average!

We’ve all accidentally set of a smoke alarm. It’s annoying and means some frantic fanning, but they are super simple life-saving devices which we take for granted. Being away from home means I’m unable to test my smoke alarm (I’ll do it when I get home I promise).

Instead, I’ll confirm to you that I have made myself aware of the fire evacuation route in my hotel, and have a mini ‘grab bag’ in case I need to bolt in the middle of the night. Unfortunately that’s the best I can do until I get home!

USA Challenge 5 – Gift A Kit 

Create a small starters kit for a family member or friend and share with them the importance of being personally prepared.

I’ve explained my aversion to off the shelf grab bags already in 30 Days 30 Ways 2015…but maybe there is mileage in developing light-hearted personalised survival kits…

  • For the friend that gets epic hangovers – here’s some remedies
  • For the friend that’s always late – here’s an alarm clock
  • For the colleague who is into orienteering – here’s a survival blanket and a compass

It’s something that I probably need to give some more thought to, but I see a range of personalised survival kits as christmas presents presents…or at least as Pintrest boards!

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