30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 9

30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 9

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One of the things that I’m most interested in at the moment is risk perception, and analysing warning signs often reveals information into how perception influences both the communication and interpretation of the message. I’m therefore genuinely interested in the images being shared in today’s 30 Days task, which is as follows:

1 Pt:  Share a Funny Emergency Sign

1 Pt: If you found the sign and took the picture yourself.

3 Pts:  Are you willing to make yourself into an emergency sign or safety message… such as the “wear your life jacket to work”

The first part of that is relatively easy. A colleague and I jointly wrote a blog last year looking at warning signs around the world (you can check out the original post here but I’m reproducing some of the content below so you don’t have to click away).

My favourite was this example warning of SLOPPY slopes in Thailand (with credit to @Twickerman).

Pic8 However, as that one isn’t my picture I thought I’d also share the best one that I have personally found, literally just around the corner from my office. Whilst it’s not specifically an ’emergency’ warning sign, I think it could have potential applications in emergency situations!

Pic6Following yesterday’s post on the unusual item in my Grab Bag I’ve been challenged by a colleague on Twitter to take a #CBRNEselfie…maybe I’ll incorporate the third element of today’s challenge into that to gain those extra points! Stay tuned!

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