Ramen Resolution – Shoryu

Ramen Resolution – Shoryu

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Eat more ramen noodles

This is my resolution for 2017, jointly inspired by the best 👏 holiday 👏 ever👏 (video below) and this Time Out list of the best ramen in London. I also managed to convince InaneAdam to join me, because I heard it’s important to have moral support with such challenging goals.

Halfway through our first bowl we decided to write reviews of the places we visit, so here goes….

First up it was SHORYU RAMEN Carnaby, which we visited on 5 January.

There are some great places near Kingly Court (I’d especially recommend the Crispy Lamb Fries from nearby Dirty Bones), but all this means Shoryu is somewhere I’ve walked past but never gone in. Clearly displayed in the window it said ‘we do not seat incomplete parties’ so I waited outside for a good 10 minutes before realising Adam was already sat inside.

Finally both inside, we each ordered a cocktail, a steamed bun and a bowl of ramen.

The drinks arrived first; my delicious gingery Fuyu Lemon and Adam’s green and cucumbery Matcha Detox, which he enjoyed but wasn’t to my taste.

The tangy BBQ style sauce on my chicken karaage bun was incredible; good enough, I found, to eat directly from the counter where I had dropped some. (Judge me all you want, it really was that good!) Adam’s tempura prawn bun was nice, but I definitely chose better!

The time had come for the main event. Two good sized bowls of noodles arrived before us.

I’d chosen the Dracula Tonkotsu with extra beansprouts. It was, expectedly, very garlicky due to the addition of Mayu (some rapid googling told us this is oil flavoured with burnt garlic). The sort of noodles you can taste for a while afterwards.

Adam went for the Karaka Tan Tan Tonkotsu, a spicy minced pork take on the traditional dish, but was disappointed by his egg. You can read more about this trauma in his own review.

Overall, dinner for two came to around £53, which was quite a lot more expensive than we paid for ramen anywhere in actual Japan. This does bring the score down a bit but there’s no getting away from how tasty it was.

The staff at Shoryu talk in Japanese and bang a gong every time somebody enters the restaurant which adds authenticity, they’re also fans of my resolution…

All this brings us to a final rating. Ratings are difficult with nothing to compare to, so I’m sitting on the fence for my first review. RAM (out of RAMEN, or more conventionally, ★★★☆☆). Hands-down, the best part was the sauce on the bun. For more food-porn check out Shoryu on Instagram.

As we were walking back to the Tube we passed a very small Japanese place called Lingo, which is set to be the next stop on our quest for ramen! Stay tuned for the review.

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