30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 14

30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 14

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I blogged almost two years ago about how the rise of the smartphone has reduced our resilience in that most of us no longer commit phone numbers to memory. Yes, everything is backed up to the Cloud (which rings some brilliant advantages), but that’s not very helpful when your phone runs out of charge, or you’re away from internet access.

phone book

I have two phones (personal and work) and make sure that my key contacts are available on both devices, and I also stubbornly refuse to leave the ‘good old days’ of a paper phonebook, and although I expect most of the numbers in there are very out of date, it’s a starter for ten.

I can confirm for today’s 30 Days task that I have two out of area contact (my parents who live outside of London), and that I do know these numbers off by heart. To go one step beyond the challenge, I’ve also made sure that my local contacts have access to my out of area contacts so they can speak just in case I’m directly affected by an emergency.


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