30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 3

30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 3

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Today’s challenge focuses on ensuring that children are prepared for emergencies. As children and young people can be disproportionately affected by disasters this is certainly a worthwhile activity.


The points on offer today are as follows:

1 Pt:    Sadly there are plenty of children out there that are not as fortunate and may need a little help from their community. Today we want you to think about being part of that community.  Please locate and share where donation drop off points are in your community.  We would also like to encourage you to donate school supplies for a child to an area school.

2 Pts: Take today’s task a step further and create an emergency “Kit for the Kid” in your life.

It seems the first two days of the challenge lulled me into a false sense of security, because today’s task is considerably harder!

I have to confess that I’m not sure I fully understand the first task. There isn’t a High Street in the UK that doesn’t have at least one charity shop – that’s where I’ve donated things in the past. However, I’m not aware of any facilities being identified for coordinated donation of items.

The second part of the task revolves around Grab Bags (of useful emergency items). The message for the public to have a Grab Bag is not as strongly articulated in the UK as it is internationally. Pregnant friends and those who exercise regularly tend to have ‘grab bags’ tailored to their needs. However I’m definitely in the minority by having a generic emergency Grab Bag, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an initiative specifically directed at children having a Grab Bottle.

One aspect about Grab Bags that I dislike is the dreaded checklist – not everyone will need a face mask or be able to find a use for a paracord. The items in your Grab Bag should be those relevant to your needs, rather than packing every conceivable item. Not having a wide necked bottle on hand to pull together a Grab Bottle it’s something that I’ll have to do tomorrow. However, I’ll update this post and provide a justification for each item included.

One of the reasons that I wanted to take the 30 Days 30 Ways Challenge was precisely to learn about other ways of engaging with people about emergency preparedness, and I’m excited for the rest of the month having been introduced to a new idea on day 3!

To finish with some shameless self promotion – don’t forget that my Would you grab your grab bag? post is one of my most viewed!

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