30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 4

30 Days, 30 Ways: Day 4

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Today’s 30 Days task relates to the weather. Engage any British person in conversation for more than a couple of minutes and we’ll find a way of talking about it, so I think this one will be a walk in the park (or more likley…rain!)










I’m not sure if there is a particular name for it, but I think the transition between summer and autumn is my favourite time of year. It’s still warm enough not to wear a jacket, but it’s cool enough to get away with drinking red wine!

So, on with today’s task

1 Pt:   Identify your closest National Weather Service office and follow them on Social Media

2 Pts:   Tell us the difference between an “Advisory”, “Watch” and “Warning”

I already follow the Met Office on Twitter and have their iPhone app. Hopefully that means the first point is in the bag!

In the UK the terms associated with weather events are slightly different. We use rather more self explanatory terms

  • Be Aware
  • Be Prepared
  • Take Action

However, our terminology for describing flood risk, which is the responsibility of the Environment Agency (who I also follow on social media!), more closely aligns with American terms, so I thought I’d post about them too! In the event of flooding being forecast, the following escalation levels are used:

  • Flood Alert – meaning flooding is possible, be prepared
  • Flood Warning – which means flooding is expected, take action
  • Severe Flood Warning – which essentially means flooding has occurred and there is a risk to life

I am inclined to think that our weather warnings are more intuitive as they provide an immediate and clear instruction, whereas the flood warnings (and American weather warnings) rely on people already understanding the terms. That said, all of these terms are better than using the more vague numbered, lettered or coloured levels without corresponding description.

Heatwave Warning Level 3 – what does that mean? Level 3 of how many? Which way does the scale slide? What do you expect me to do?!


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