Ramen* Resolution – Gỗ

Ramen* Resolution – Gỗ

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Nothing says ‘traditional Good Friday activity’ like a trip to the selfie exhibition at the Saachi Gallery. Highlights included me taking a selfie with (potentially) the first ever selfie and witnessing the genius of this monkey selfie. I’ll let you take a moment to fully appreciate how excellent this is.

Topping that was always going to be difficult, but maybe a steaming bowl of ramen would do it. A quick google revealed another list of the top 10 Ramen places in London and we headed off in the direction of the nearest one.

Or so we thought!

Unfortunately we got to Dozo on Old Brompton Road to find it closed between lunch and dinner services. Yes, I know it’s 2017 and I could have checked opening hours, but what sort of restaurant closes on a bank holiday?

Adam pointed towards Gỗ, a Vietnamese place opposite and looked at me.

Side note: There seems to be some debate about how to pronounce pho. The consensus online seems to be ‘fuh’, but our Vietnamese waiter definitely pronounced it ‘faux’.

To celebrate Easter we started with Lychee Martini’s. I’d have been happy to cancel my food order and just have more of this deliciousness. “We need to get lychee juice!” Adam exclaimed.

We shared starters, grilled chicken wings and ribs. Both came with pickled veg and a sweet vinegary sauce.


Then our bowls of organic chicken pho arrived…I tried to capture the steam in this gif.

The soup was a 16-hour beef broth. SIXTEEN HOURS!! Not too salty, I added a squeeze of lime and a dash of fish sauce, as well as the beansprouts and various herbs. Adam loaded his up with a spicy Sriracha-style sauce.

I’m not always a fan of rice noodles, which can sometimes be a bit soggy and look insipid, but these noodles were yummo.

The Easter celebrations carried on with a second cocktail and I went ‘off menu’ with the waiter’s recommendation a Saigon Colada. A Vietnamese take on a Pina Colada, which seemed to involve the not-unwelcome addition of passion fruit.

The total bill came to just over £70, which for two courses and two drinks is reasonable for London, but I suspect quite extortionate compared to authentic pho!

If I’m honest, I think I would have preferred ramen, mostly *I’m racked with guilt that I’m dangerously close to bending the rules of my resolution. However, this is by far the best Vietnamese I’ve had in London recently, and would recommend you go to Gỗ if you’re in the South Kensington area. There is also a sister branch in Soho, which I’ll make a point of checking out too!

I’ll be back with ramen next time I promise!

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